"Do no harm onto others, try to be nice and honest, otherwise do as you will!"

Code of Professional Conduct

We will serve our clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity.
We will be guided solely by the client's best interests in formulating advice and recommendations
We will not indicate any short-term benefits at the expense of the long-term welfare of the client without advising the client of the implications.
We will not invite or encourage any employee of the client to consider alternative employment without prior discussion with the client.
We will treat all client information and records of client engagements as confidential.
We will not take advantage of any confidential client information for ourselves or our firm, nor enable others to do so.
We will not disclose any proprietary client information unless specific permission is given.
We will maintain a fully professional approach and act with courtesy and consideration toward the individuals contacted in the course of undertaking assignments
We will ensure that the client is kept fully informed about the progress of the assignment, including negative information such as delays, changes in expected results, etc.
We will encourage and take note of any feedback provided by the client on the performance of our services.
We will make certain that advice, solutions and recommendations are based on thorough, impartial consideration and analysis of all available pertinent facts and relevant experience.